GTArcade is excited to announce that League of Angels is coming soon to mobile devices! League of Angels Fire Raiders, the sequel to the immensely popular web-based MMORPG League of Angels, is a strategic MMO card game that sets out to change the way mobile games are played. With a wide selection of Heroes and Angels to choose from, multiple ways to deploy your forces in battle, and full player control over the customization of Heroes and Angels, League of Angels – Fire Raiders promises a groundbreaking experience in strategic RPG gameplay on mobile devices. The game is expected to launch soon on iOS and Android.

League of Angels – Fire Raiders features a variety of action-packed game modes such as cross-server arena battles, team dungeons, unique PVE and PVP modes and plenty of mini games! Players can choose from over a hundred available Heroes and Angels. Train your Heroes and Angels, and enhance their weapons to build a mighty team to take on evil forces, mighty bosses and opposing players. United through fire, your Heroes will prove to be the most loyal companions you could ever ask for. Your beautiful and protective Angels will do their best to defend them along the way.

Prepare yourself for a revolution in mobile game strategy! The choices you make will have a huge impact on how the player fares in the game, beginning with which Heroes or Angels Players recruit. Each team is unique, so finding the perfect combination will be the first step in forging a path towards victory. Once a hero or angel is recruited, there are many options when it comes to leveling up, learning skills, and upgrading equipment. But building a strong team isn’t the only factor; you need to also be quick-witted. Some enemies will be impossible to bring down if you use the same combination each time. Players have the option of choosing which Heroes and Angels to deploy in each battle, so customize your tactics and pick the best formation of Heroes and Angels to prevail.

Playing League of Angels – Fire Raiders is to playing a game that never ends. With weekly hot events, players from all over the world, and constant updates, you can enjoy the action everywhere you go. Armed with the power of choice, your resources, battle level and recruited heroes will all play a crucial role in how you play the game. Only by assembling the right party and discovering the perfect strategy can players make it to the top! As an MMORPG, players also have the opportunity to connect with thousands of other players via live chat and make new friends who will follow you throughout your journey, through good times and bad.

League of Angels – Fire Raiders will be available soon in the App Store and on Google Play. The game is completely free to play, and there are many ways to take part in the launch festivities to earn valuable gifts.

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