With DTM Experience 2015, the player will experience in more detail than ever, what it feels like to be a DTM racing driver working behind the wheel of the fastest touring car vehicles in the world.Just like in the real 2015 DTM season some extra highlights are included with DTM Experience 2015: Now instead of the previously ten races a total of 18 thrilling championship races will challenge the driver.

DTM Experience 2015 has been developed together with the real DTM drivers Bruno Spengler and Daniel Juncadella in order to provide the most realistic virtual DTM experience to date.

“Working closely together with highly professional race drivers like Bruno Spengler and Daniel Juncadella, has been an eye opening experience. They are so professional and so targeted at the task or problem at hand, and can isolate problems with the simulation of their race car, in a very precise fashion, where we regular mortals, have to guess most of the time.

Watching them do their thing, being in their element, even though it’s a virtual world they are in, gives us a whole new perspective of a race driver, that there is so much more to it, than just being able to handle a race car.”

As with all content in the RaceRoom game series, the sounds are amongst the best in the industry and the DTM cars bring out all the best in the sound engine. You’ll hear every growl of the engine and every whine of the transmission as if you were sitting in the cockpit on race day.

DTM_Experience-2015 (2)

The authentic driving physics of the Audi RS5 DTM, BMW M4 DTM and the Mercedes-AMG C63 DTM have been refined even further with help from real DTM drivers and your driving skills will be tested when you take these cars to their limit, just as the handcrafted AI will test your racecraft. The AI might be artificial, but they do not give any wins away for free.

The DTM Experience community is thriving and the 2015 edition will only make it better. Head online for exiting multiplayer races using the well known and tested RaceRoom online code. This is where you can race door to door with friends and foes from all across the globe.

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The Novice, Amateur and Get Real physics models available in the game ensures that anyone from casual gamers to seasoned simracing veterans and professional race car drivers will have fun and will be challenged on their own level.

The DTM Experience supports a wide range of standard input devices such as steering wheels, gamepads or keyboards from different vendors.

Visit the official DTM Experience 2015 website for much more information and details.