Cryolite, an Austin-based indie game and software development studio, released its game Right Side Up, a casual puzzle game where players try to flip all tiles in a grid so the same color faces upward, while flipping tiles a few at a time as defined by specific patterns. Right Side Up is free to download and play worldwide on Android and iOS phones and devices.

Over 150 levels are available for free, with varying degrees of difficulty, as well as a set of 10 progressively harder levels that refreshes daily with brand new content. Some levels allow the player to rotate tile patterns, allowing for more complex and difficult gameplay.

An early version of Right Side Up was screened at the Intel Buzz Workshop App Showcase in October 2015, and sparked interest among Austin’s growing indie game development community. Since then, the company has incorporated feedback from developers and beta testers, culminating in the current released version of the game.

“The Intel Buzz Workshop showed me that the indie game community is thriving in Austin, and I learned tons at the event,” said Cryolite’s owner and lead developer, Adam Allevato. “I’m excited to release my app in an area that is so inundated with gaming innovation.”

You can grab the game on the Google play store here or on the iOS Appstore over here.