Cry of Fear, the single-player modification of Half-Life 1, will be re-released for free on Steam on April 24th, and will be completely stand alone, meaning you won’t need Half-Life to play it, developer Team Psykskallar announced.

Cry of Fear which has won the Community, and Best Single player award, and came on second place for best overall mod, and 3rd place for mod of the year at the Mod of the Year 2012 awards, features 8 hours of single player campaign, advanced cut-scenes, co-op, real life locations of Stockholm, Sweden, 7 different endings, and 30 unlockables.

“You wake up in a dark alley, not knowing anything. What has happened? This is your struggle to find the truth and answers to your questions. Answers for the darkness and fear that is making your pulse race like violent blows against your head. What are “they”? Where do “they” come from? What the hell has happened around here? Are these the indulgences of insanity? Time’s up. You can’t stand there reading those SMS’s forever. It’s time to head down the pathways ahead and find your answers.”, reads the games description.