Indie developer EvolvingPoet have officially announced their first full-sized game titled Jack Haunt: Old Haunting Grounds, a point and click pulp mystery adventure where you play as Jack, a long dead Private Investigator who is forced to leave the house that he has been haunting for decades.

In order to leave though, he must first gather his remains before the sun goes down. With no knowledge of where they may be, and his past memories constantly eluding him, he is left with only his detective skills to help him escape. A simplified point and click adventure at heart with “quirky ’50s-cheese writing and simple hand-drawn graphics, Jack Haunt will have you searching the now-abandoned house for clues, while stream lining the complicated elements typical of the genre.

The game is expected to launch around June 10th for the PC, with ports for Mac, Linux, and the web hopefully coming shortly after.