Hello Games, the UK based indie start-up, have just announced that the beloved motorbike stuntman Joe Danger will bring both his games, Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie, onto PCs via Steam. The games will include Big Picture Mode and Steamworks support and will feature and new levels.

“I think we have some kind of OCD at Hello Games We have a rule that whenever we put our games onto a new platform we have to add something. We can’t just do a quick and dirty port. We have some more surprises to announce for the PC editions of Joe Danger as we lock them down.

Actually, PC is Joe Danger’s spiritual home. I coded my first ever PC engine when we started making the original Joe Danger back in 2009, because we couldn’t get hold of console devkits. So it’s incredibly exciting to be finally able to release it”, the founder of Hello Games, Sean Murray, stated.

Prices and release dates are still to come.