Doug TenNapel, creator of Earthworm Jim (Interplay) and The Neverhood (Electronic Arts) has partnered with Pencil Test Studios, to create what some have called The Neverhood’s “spiritual successor” — a clay and puppet animated adventure game called Armikrog.


Armikrog follows the adventures of a space explorer named Tommynaut and his blind alien, talking dog named Beak-Beak. They crash land on a weird planet and end up locked in a mysterious fortress called Armikrog. Then a crazy adventure begins.

If Armikrog reaches its funding goal of $900,000 then it will be released DRM-free for PC (WINDOWS), MAC OSX and LINUX, and distributed though Steam and/or other comparable download venues.

Deus Ex Machina 2

Deus Ex Machina 2, the reimagination of the classic 1984 Game Of The Year, Deus Ex Machina, a pioneering multimedia video game developed by Automata,is on a Kickstarter campaign as Mel Croucher, creator of the original, needs £64,000 to perfect the user-options, gameplay and scoring of the game as well as make iOS and Android ports.

As Mel Croucher states Deus Ex Machina 2 it’s a cradle-to-grave roller coaster of your entire life. “Imagine if your life was nothing more than some electronic game. Imagine if you knew then what you know now. Imagine if you could replay your little life all over again.


Battle your way to the womb, fertilize that egg, navigate the birth canal to get born, then focus, crawl, stand, balance, run, jump, learn and obey! Battle the hairs and zits of adolescence. Discover pleasure, love, pain, guilt and betrayal. Mess around, run away, hide out, suffer under, heal up, sell off, struggle through, knuckle down, tip over, cave in, dance on! Exploit your power, peddle your guilt, bust your body, embrace your decline, swallow your pills, lose your mind, dream your dreams and fly!”, reads the game’s description.

For Deus Ex Machina 2 Automata has teamed up with the oldest actor ever to be knighted, and brought the godfather of punk back from the dead. In more detail, Sir Christopher Lee will have the role of The Narrator in the game, while Ian Dury will be The Fertilizer, remixed and remastered from his original brilliant performance. Other notable artists involved in the project are, Joaquim de Almeida of Desperado and 24 fame, and singer-songwriter Chyna Whyne.

Those intrigued to back Deus Ex Machina 2 can visit the game’s Kickstarter page by clicking here.

Medal Wars: The First One

In development for about six years, Medal Wars: The First One was made entirely by Paul Stephen-Davis, including the game engine, code, art, design, etc. Medal Wars: The First One sets out to create a bonkers 2D shoot-fest with it’s unique targeting system (you can perform headshots & footshots), and to immerse the player in a world chock full of insane characters.


Taking the role of a fresh recruit, it’s down to you and your madman partner ‘Buddy’ to save the inept Green Army from total destruction. After the invasion of Pebble Beach the Black Army seem unstoppable, with more tricks up their sleeves than Houdini, you’ll need to use your head as well as your trigger finger if you’re to become the greatest soldier ever.

The Kickstarter campaign page is located here.

A Hat in Time

A Hat in Time is a 3D collect-a-thon platformer in the spirit of the beloved Nintendo and Rare games from the Nintendo 64 era. Think Banjo-Kazooie, The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario 64 all in one.

Time is falling apart and it is the job of the brave interstellar-travelling solo Hat Kid to collect all the time pieces and put them back together, but you should be careful as you’re in a race against the evil Mustache Girl, who wants to use time for evil.

a hat in time

The game promises to mash the best of Nintendo 64 platforming and gives it a modern twist. Not only can you navigate terrain using your own abilities, but you are provided with your trusty umbrella, which can be upgraded to provide a wide range of abilities

A Hat in Time is split up into five story segments, ‘chapters’, and each chapter is split into several missions, ‘acts’. The chapters differ greatly, ranging from big cities to spooky forests, vast deserts, and even the moon.