Francisco Téllez de Meneses and EnjoyUp Games have announced that Unepic, a mixture of platform game, role game and joke that takes place in a huge castle of medieval fantasy is now available on Steam as part of the platform’s Early Access programme.

As the developers state “UnEpic remains in “Early Access” to test the multiplayer mode, a whole extra mode with new dungeons, new story, new spells and new adventures. The first feature is a cooperative mode that includes 7 dungeons (up to level 14) and three PvP modes (arena, racing and conquest). Althought multiplayer can be played normally, it still needs balancing, more testing, and a few more dungeons”.

UnEpic takes place in Harnakon, a huge medieval castle. It is set in the hardcore NES Style, yet refined with the latest features. This makes Unepic a very unique game. Daniel, the hero, is a normal guy from recent times: a great videogame player, big sci-fi movie fan, novice player of role playing games, pot-head and overall, horny due to a mysterious lack of success with girls. During a D&D session he is teleported to a fantasy castle where his modern way of thinking will go against monsters and other characters from there.

You can purchase UnEpic for 6,99€.