Poker Night 2 sticks closely to the original game’s format, though you do have the option of playing either Texas hold ’em or the somewhat more forgiving Omaha hold ’em. When you start playing Poker Night 2 against Sam & Max, Claptrap, Ash and Brock Samson what should you expect is that at some point you will not care about the money you are going to loose as it not “actual” money. Your focus will be chasing the unlocks and achievements Telltale’s title offers. Especially the addition of GlaDOS in the role of the croupier basically improves every aspect of the first game.


The number of unlocks has been drastically increased and you now get to unlock not only items from Team Fortress 2 but also from Borderlands 2. By winning tournaments you get special unlock tokens. You can then spend these tokens on custom art styles for the Chips, Decks and Felts. But Even when you lose, playing a tournament earns you tokens based on your performance. These can be spent on drinks for opponents to give yourself the upper hand, or you can buy chip sets, tables, and other gameplay elements themed after the featured characters.


Completing specific challenges within a tournament also gives you a shot at winning each character’s special item, and it’s possible to unlock accessories to use in Borderlands 2. Additionally, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 owners can open up Team Fortress 2 items, Xbox Avatars, and premium themes, respectively.


The biggest selling point of the game of course isn’t poker, but mostly the dialog that happens between the opponent . References to each franchise are made, so those who love each series will find plenty to be amused by, but the writing is generally funny enough that even if unfamiliar with a character, players will still generally understand the humor. The dialog can get repetitive but only after a long time playing, Whenit comes to your opponent’s poker experience thinks are quite schizophrenic makingevery copmasison to an actual poker game seem a big joke.


Poker Night at the Inventory 2 is a title that with just 4 Euros can deliver many hours of genuine fun.Very late in the game many quotes will get repetitive but until boredom appears you will get a lot of stuff. 5 awesome TF2 items, game customization, funny moments and quotes, really good synchronization and great characters. Poker Night 2 doesn’t focus on the core “poker” gameplay instead it goes ”All In” with clever jokes and characters interaction.


Telltale Games’ Poker Night 2 is available on the PlayStation Network, PC the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and iOS devices.

Gameconnect Rating: 7.5