The developers behind Nuclear Dawn, a Source engine game that combines FPS and RTS in one game that got released more than 2 years ago, just got an update to version 7.1. This version brings Linux, Mac and Windows gamers together as all platforms will be able to play together in this multiplayer game. The game will also be 75% off this week on Steam so for those that haven’t tried it out yet, you should 😉

Anyway, the full changelog below:


– Enhanced Linux support for the game to allow Linux players to play vs Mac and Windows players.
– Fixed Russian and Czech Languages not being selectable in Steam game properties.
– Fixed minimap placement issues that would sometimes occur after resolution change.
– Fixed issue where commander could get stuck on a ladder.
– Fixed sonic turret fire range being slightly shorter than lock-on range.
– Whitelisted r_decals client convar by community request.
– Improved overall stability.

Community-created Content:
– Updated Workshop map instructions link.
– Added missing “Final” Hammer compile configuration.
– Fixed typo in hammer fgd file causing Empire wall and barrier issues.
– Fixed client crash when subscribed to Workshop file that no longer exists or has been made private.
– Fixed server crash that could occur when attempting to sync Workshop maps when Steam was down.
– Fixed uploading maps of size > 100mb to Workshop.
– Increased individual user Workshop storage quota to 1gb.
– Greatly improved client subscribed Workshop map sync time on game launch.
– HTTPS map downloads with self-signed certificates now work.
– Clients now automatically download game server Workshop-synced maps directly from Workshop on connect.
– Map support files (scripts, loading image, etc.) now get automatically”bspzipped” into the map before upload if not already in map.