After four years the team behind the game Solar Struggle has finally released the game on Steam. They celebrate the Steam release with some improvements to the game. The original awards were converted to Steam achievements. In total 37 achievements wait to be unlocked in the progress of the game.

They also added trading cards to be collected, traded and used to be crafted into badges. And give the player the choice to either play in the original, vibrant XBOX360 color scheme or the newer desaturated color scheme. The base price is also lowered, so the game costs on Steam only 5.99 USD instead of 9.99 USD.

Solar Struggle is an arcade action singleplayer shooter with a thrilling story, unfolding in 11 missions. In addition to the story mode the game offers a skirmish mode where the player fights endless hordes of enemies to beat the highscore. 9 different spaceships wait for the player to be brought into the battles. The title was originally made for XBLIG and later released for PC-Windows.

Get it today on Steam over here.