The French indie studio Midgar Studio looks for gamers support by launching a crowdfunding campaign for its JRPG project, both a tribute to the genre and a modern vision of it.

After one year in development, Edge of Eternity is launched today in the crowdfunding adventure on Kickstarter. The game offers to renew with a gameplay centered on Active Time Battle (ATB) and advanced characters customization. But it also introduces some western influences like a non-linear story and a branching scenario, open worlds and an original weapons evolution system.

“Thanks to Kickstarter, we want to raise the attention of the  JRPG fans but also have the opportunity to present our project to a larger audience”, says  Jérémy Zeler-Maury, Midgar Studio founder and Game Designer on  Edge of Eternity. “With their support, we could reinforce our team and have the resources we need to achieve all our ideas and the ones gamers will suggest us all along the game development. ”

In addition to its enthusiasm and energy, the team at Midgar Studio can count on the prestigious partnership with Yasunori Mitsuda, announced earlier this week. The famous Japanese composer (Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Kid Icarus…) is one of the most important goals of the crowdfunding campaign.

Edge of Eternity will be on Kickstarter for 35 days and you may find it over here.