Bullet Run takes place in a not so distant future where one of the most entertaining shows on the TV is a reality show where contestants kill each other in order to gain their 15 minutes of fame.

Before you start the game you are given the option to create your character. Someone would expect a wide range of options but with Bullet Run this is not the case if you want to do this for free. The problem with the game is that you’ll never get to fully enjoy the customization features that make it unique unless you’re willing to pay.Free players start with only the ability to alter sex, hair color, and pants, T-shirt, and boot color. A Mohawk haircut to get you noticed on the tube is 179 in cash or 4,700 in credits. Clown face paint is 129 in cash or 3,100 in credits. Cargo pants are 129 in cash or 6,249 in credits. As a result, 90% of starting free players look almost the same.

When you finish creating your avatar you are then transported into a simple but very functional and easy to use menu, where you are provided with info about your inventory, your skills, the marketplace and stuff. Your skills are divided into four sections, and each section brings you two skill options that unlock as you play through a match, that mix up the action a little bit. You can put down a turret, for example, to guard a well-traveled hallway, or beef yourself up into a high damage monster. Skills do mix up the action, but they don’t seem well-balanced. As soon as you are done with all the above you are ready to start your hunt for fame.

You are be able to play Bullet Run currently only two modes; one is the standard Team Deathmatch and the other Dominion. The first naturally only cares about killing the most people before the bullhorn goes off. The latter however is a slightly altered and self-explanatory to those familiar with the formula: cap a point, move to another point, cap that point, and so on.  The game has a few decent maps, but they get repetitive quickly as each match seems to last a bit too long (20mins).

The guns you get to kill your enemies are 14 different ones. according to Sony all ll have unique sounds, VFX and character animations associated with them and blend realistic handling properties with an arcade action feeling. Everyone starts with a standard loadout, but as kills are stacked up, this can lead to dual pistols or attack drones and such allowing for even more stylish kills but also have some risk. Twin pistols for one offer a way to slide while shooting, but the payoff is weaker, which requires more dexterous aim. The bad thing with Bullet Run’s weapons is that most of them lack a punch and the impact created sometimes misses the gratification needed. The good thing is that players can create thousands of potential combinations of weapons with modifications, decals and materials – everything from silencers and muzzle brakes to scopes, magazine mods, stocks and more.

The biggest Selling point in Bullet run that separates the game from its competitors comes in the shape of the kill and taunt system; In this run and gun shooter the more people you kill and then taunt with a quick press of the Q button, the more fans and fame you gain and the faster you level up. Taking out the leader or defending critical points also yield higher scores. More fame means more experience and thus leveling faster. Fans also love when you wear a ridiculous Viking helmet and flame-painted leather suit, or other catchy combinations, rewarding you with a higher percentage of fame for every kill and taunt.

Through the leveling scheme, players can upgrade abilities, unlock better weapons for purchase and so forth. Additionally, in the game itself, a set amount of fame is needed to unlock higher tiers of weapons. That’s where doing insane combinations help. Everything in Bullet run’s marketplace can be purchased with the credits you earn in the game, expect from the booster packs that need your actual cash. There goes the “Creating a fully customizable persistent gaming experience” described in Bullet Run’s description.

What impressed us during Run is that when you face opponents with a rank of 10 or more you’ve got more chances of taking them down compared to players who have the same rank as you but are equipped with booster packs. This would feel very balanced if the game was totally free, but when you find yourself in the position to face 3 -4 players who carry all the good stuff then the truth is that you don’t stand a chance. If you don’t want to spend a penny in the game then you’ll most likely spend endless hours trying to gather all the necessary points only to upgrade your weapon fire rating from 6 to 6.5. The good thing is that the gameplay is interesting enough so you eventually won’t get tired and disappointed.


Bullet run is a game featuring very well designed maps with enough detail, taking you to locations like ruined cities, deserts, huge warehouses, and delivering the sense that you are actually in a reality show, with all the cameras covering you from various angles, and the comments made by the game’s announcers. We were amazed at the motivation the fans system gave as it wasn’t XP that gamers got it was fans first and foremost.

However, pretty visuals and a nice premise can’t cover up Bullet Run’s biggest flaw: Pay-to-win is the name of the game. Many publishers these days are finding alternate means to overcome this issue and it appears Sony hasn’t caught up. If it wasn’t for severely overpowered microtransitions and if a gamer had more options for the starting player because in the beginning almost everyone looks alike with a few clothing changes Bullet Run could’ve definitely had a chance to rise above the rest in this crowded genre.

We have a sense though that since Bullet Run is in its first baby steps will improve in the near feature and will be a more balanced game that will make its unique leveling up feature, killing in style in order to gain fame, really shine. It would have been more fair for Bullet Runs to be labeled as “free-to-try,” because paying customers absolutely get distinct advantages over the unwashed free masses. Those interested can try Bullet Run from the game’s official website and Steam.

Gameconnect Rating: 6.9