Divine Divinity, the single-player fantasy RPG with hack-and-slash action, created by Larian Studios, and released back in 2002, has just returned in a remastered 10th anniversary edition, with support for Windows 7 and higher resolutions, on Steam.

Divine Divinity, recognized as a landmark title in computer role playing games, chronicles the never-ending battle between valiant heroes and the destructive powers of Chaos. You play the role of the prophesied Chosen One who, under the guidance of the wizard Zandalor, must unite the seven races of Rivellon so that you may become the Divine One and stop the birth of the Lord of Chaos.

Larian also announced that they are currently on work on two games, “Divinity – Dragon Commander” (a strategy game that has dragons with jet packs) and “Divinity: Original Sin”(an RPG that takes you back to Rivellon where it all started.

Those who want to experience 100 hours of adventure – with many non-linear quests and an enormous world to explore, can download Divine Divinity from Steam for 4,99€.