Cortex Command the indie tactical multiplayer battle game that has been in development for more than 11 years, will be available on Steam for PC and Mac sometime this month, developer Data Realms has announced.

“In the world of Cortex Command, many humans have opted to amputate their entire natural bodies in order to prolong their lives and enable interstellar space travel. Their disembodied brains are hardly helpless, however, as they can remotely control all kinds of machines and craft through artificial interfaces”, reads the games description.

Gamers will be able to play as one of these people’s brains, and quickly switch control between many different expendable bodies in order to complete otherwise dangerous tasks – all from the physical safety of your command bunker. You can use these technological powers of telepathy to collect gold out of the fully destructible terrain, then purchase even more bodies and materiel with those newly acquired funds.

According to Data Realms a Linux version of Cortex Command will follow after the game’s launch.