Retro point’n’click adventure McPixel, one of the initial ten games that were chosen by the community through Steam Greenlight, is now available on Steam, indie developer SOS has announced.

McPixel was originally made for Ludum Dare 21 competition in 48 hours. The initial version had 6 levels and a special ending. Since that time it was developed, features were added and most importantly, new levels were made for it.

In the game you fill the shoes of McPixel, a wannabe saves-the-day guy, that you guide through 100 challenges divided in 4 chapters, with only 20 seconds to solve each one of them. You fail – stuff blows up and you continue to the next level, for as long as you beat the entire batch. Levels in McPixel are anything you can imagine. A deserted island, an alien spaceship, death star, school, train, plane, stadium, sewers, lighthouse.

Those interested can purchase McPixel now for 4,99€.