As you might know, GameConnect has been around for many years. It all started with a bunch of friends playing Counter-Strike and other Source engine based games together and for fun. After a while, some of them came up with the idea to create plugins and mods for the engine. That’s when Sourcebans, Steambans and many other projects were born. We also used the name SteamFriends for quite some time. But eventually, we went back to GameConnect.

Later on we started up InterWave studios and created Nuclear Dawn and Dark Matter (both games are still available on Steam). But due to some unfortunate circumstances, running out of budget and not having enough marketing budget, we had to shut down InterWave again back in 2013. Some of the original developers are still trying to patch Nuclear Dawn when possible in their own free time though. And in our roots, we still love playing games, writing news, reviews and tips and tricks where possible.

This is why GameConnect is still online and will stay online for many years to come. We welcome everyone to join our Discord server for a chat or to simply game with us in a friendly match of Counter-Strike, Nuclear Dawn or Battlefield. GameConnect is all about the community and will always be there, for those looking for a friendly environment where everything is possible.

Also, you can find GameConnect around the web on the following services:

  • Steam Group¬†: Every member of this group will auto get VIP on our public servers
  • Playstation Group : Simply search for GameConnect and join our community on PS
  • Facebook Page : Latest news, articles and other cool stuff on our Facebook page
  • Twitter :¬†Latest news, articles and other cool stuff on our Facebook page
  • YouTube : Some cool videos of our games and others
  • GameME stats : Statistics, ranking and more for our CS:GO server
  • Sourcebans : Bans and admin stuff for our CS:GO box

Hope to see you all in-game,

Michiel ‘Viper’