Sports Interactive and Sega have just announced that this year’s installment in the highly popular Football Manager franchise, which according to their say “will mark a seismic shift in the best-selling series”, will launch on November 2nd at 00.01 GMT on Steam.

Football Manager 2013 will bring tons of improvements and enhancements over its predecessors (Improved 3D match engine, new staff roles, improved media interaction, Worldwide leaderboards, a new Challenge mode, to name a few), however the most noteworthy, and much-needed shift in our opinion, is the introduction of the all-new Classic mode, or ‘FMC’. FMC offers, for the first time in Football Manager’s history, an alternative, less demanding way for players to approach the game.

The game will feel exactly the same – the manager will still take charge of a squad of players and competes at whatever level he chooses, but now a number of his responsibilities will been taken over by their support staff or  disappear completely. Furthermore games will played out in a quicker ‘highlights only’ fashion, which you will be able to even speed this up by going straight to ‘Instant Result.

Those interested can pre-purchase FM13 from Steam for 49,99€ from here.