For the 10th anniversary of their acclaimed PC adventure game Runaway: a Road Adventure, Pendulo Studios, in association with BulkyPix, have today announced that Hidden Runaway, a brand-new episode starring Brian and Gina will launch on the App Store on October 18th.

In this new episode our heroes no longer live together, in fact they hate each other, but they have to tell the story of their first adventure, from the very first time they met, to a producer who wants to make a Hollywood blockbuster out of it.

This is how their story goes. Many years ago, the exotic dancer Gina, while running away from some Mafia thugs, is knocked down by the geek Brian, who takes her to the hospital. Together, they run in order to save their lives, while at the same time investigating the meaning of an ancient Indian crucible. And oh yeah – they’ll also fall in love.

Hidden Runaway which will mix hidden object searches, casual puzzles adapted and simplified from their point n’ click predecessor with special mini-games and narrative cut-scenes, will be available on the App Store for a launch price of 2,39€/ £2.90.