InterWave is a gaming developer studio based in Sittard, The Netherlands, who after their critical acclaimed FPS/RTS Nuclear Dawn, are working hard on their second major project titled Dark Matter, a 2.5D survival horror game inspired by Metroid, Castlevania, Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

Interwave have made significant progress with Dark Matter so far, and they recently announced that their title is now on Valve’s Greenlight service waiting for the community to vote for it and make the game happen on the Steam platform.

Dark Matter is at heart a platformer where you play as the Ensign, explore haunted hallways and facilities in 5 major chapters, scavenge for parts and blueprints, expand your arsenal to six deadly weapons and freely customize each to fit your combat style against intelligent, reactive enemies. The game aims to deliver a hard-hitting take of survival horror in deep space, with a heavy emphasis on tactical combat and exploration.

We’ve sent some questions concerning Dark Matter, over to Igor Raffaele, the General Manager of InterWave, who took some time of his busy schedule and was kind enough to answer them for us, this interview being the result.

What we can tell from this interview is that InterWave is a studio that is built on a true passion for quality and for delivering great games. Go to the next page to find out more about the studio’s goals and aspirations, learn more about how Dark Matter came to be, and other interesting stuff.