Daedalic Entertainment have just announced that Chaos on Deponia, the sequel to Deponia, an award winning point and click adventure is now available for download on PC and Mac.

Once again the game’s protagonist is Rufus, a man part of the lowest social class, doomed to live his life a world that has turned into vast garbage dump but also planning to escape to the hovering city of Elysium. After uncountable failed attempts he succeeds – nearly, at least. As a result, he falls from the sky and lands back in his hometown together with the mysterious girl, Goal.

For Rufus, she mainly is a good reason to escape once again, and so he begins to plan her way back. Obviously, Rufus’ bad luck seems to be infectious and, in the sequel Chaos on Deponia, both end at the point where all began.

Chaos on Deponia can be downloaded via Steam and Rain Digital Games.