InterWave Studios has released another update that brings lots of cool goodies to this Source engine powered game.

Apart from Steam Workshop support (for custom community made maps) and a new gamemode called Skirmish, this update also brings a new price to the game.

It is now available for 9.99$ on Steam!

The full changelog, that includes all the changes for both 6.8 and 6.8a can be found as always below:

Nuclear Dawn 6.8

– Added new Skirmish team deathmatch game mode.
– Added new Skirmish map sk_metro.

– Added nd_skirmish_limit convar for Skirmish team kill limit. 0 to disable and use only mp_roundtime.
– Added support to execute a cfg/gamemode_skirmish.cfg or cfg/gamemode_warfare.cfg at map start if existing.
– Added support to execute cfg/.cfg at map start if existing after mode cfg.
– Skirmish mode uses same mp_timelimit, mp_winlimit, mp_maxrounds, and mp_roundtime variables as Warfare.

Other fixes
– Fixed spawning-related glitches that could occur if pressing spawn button multiple times.
– Fixed issues where server tags displayed improperly in server browser for some servers.
– Fixed average rank in server browser not always adjusting after a player leaves.
– Fixed an exploit that could allow a commander to use actions on enemy structures.
– Fixed a server crash related to bots.
– Added in-game browser fallback for functionality that requires showing a webpage when Steam Overlay is disabled.
– Updated localizations.

Workshop and custom content
– Skirmish maps are now accepted.
– Added sk_metro map source to sdk_content.
– Updated hammer fgd file with new skirmish and spawn point entities.
– Skirmish maps do not require rts camera info in map script.
– Skirmish maps do require spawn points for both Consortium and Empire are required.
– Skirmish maps may not have resource points. Structures will not spawn on skirmish maps.
– Map overview script is now marked as required for all maps.
– BSPZIP now auto-corrects slashes for internal paths when adding files to avoid confusion.
– Added -deletefile option to BSPZIP to remove files from bsp.
– Added support for bots in custom maps without structures or resource points.
– Fixed client crash when loading custom map having description but no title.
– Fixed map loading background not being shown if vtf file was named differently than vmt file.

– Added server cvar nd_skirmish_advkits to control whether or not Advanced Kits are enabled in Skirmish, default on.
– Updated loading screen text for Skirmish maps.
– Fixed spawn times getting hidden increase for each teammate killed while dead.
– Fixed loadout changes not pausing spawn timer.

Metro (Skirmish)
– Relocated some spawnpoints to avoid players getting stuck in t-pose.
– Added more spawnpoints for both factions.
– Updated sdk_content sources for sk_metro and added missing instances.

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