The Indie Royale game bundle which brings a great catch of indie games at a fraction of their original price have just announced that the Stuffing Bundle from Indie Royale, featuring The Dream Machine (Chapters 1-3!); Telltale Games’ adventure sequel with a Layton-esque puzzle twist, Puzzle Agent 2; an in-depth civilization building gem from Tilted Mill, Children of the Nile: Enhanced Edition; and lots more, is now live.

Featured in this bundle are the first 3 chapters in the point and click adventure from Cockroach, The Dream Machine. Set in both reality and an unforgettable dream-world, one of the most distinctive features of the game is that all of the cast and sets are hand-made from clay and cardboard. This labor of love offers elements typically found in point and click adventures: interesting dialogue, item collection, and puzzles, along with atmospheric music and a compelling story-line.

Also included is Layton-esque puzzle adventure sequel from Telltale Games, Puzzle Agent 2. Play FBI puzzle agent Nelson Tethers, while he tries to uncover what’s really going on with the mysterious disappearances in tiny Scoggins, Minnesota, after the FBI closed the case.

The next game in this bundle is city builder Children of the Nile: Enhanced Edition from Tilted Mill. Play the Pharaoh and build up prestige over thousands of years by exploring and building monuments using surplus bread (currency) which you receive in the form of taxes. The more your citizens thrive, the more bread you’ll receive – which enables you to build out your empire and achieve immortality.

The next entry in this bundle is 11 Bit Studios’ unique post-apocalyptic game Anomaly: Warzone Earth which offers a unique twist on tower defense where you’ll play on the offensive. Rather than building towers to force units through a path, you create a path for units to destroy towers. While having no direct control over your convoy, you’ll use power-ups, careful resource management, ability management, and route-planning to save the world from an extraterrestrial invasion.

Last but not least in the Stuffing Bundle is retro-inspired platform adventure from ScaryPotato, Adventure Apes and the Mayan Mystery. Play as Mitch as you quest through the jungle to stop Horatio Hawk from escaping the Mayan temple with a magical artifact. This game flawlessly executes on platform exploration, offering challenging bosses, fun graphics and hours of gameplay.

Finally, those who pay $8,00 or their currency equivalent during the Stuffing Bundle will get a chiptune album with soothing synthesizer melodies, jazz fusion and progressive rock sensibilities ‘Tree of Knowledge’ from yogurtbox – a $10 value on its own.