Wormwood Studios is a team of three experienced developers committed to creating games with powerful narrative and artistic content. Victor Pflug, Mark Yohalem, and James Spanos worked on a variety of published games, including Dragon Age: Origins, Heroes of Newerth, Kohan II: Kings of War, and numerous freeware adventure games.

For their latest effort they teamed up with Wadget eyes, the acclaimed indie developer that has built a good reputation after producing award-winning and critically acclaimed adventure games for the PC like Gemini Rue and Resonance.

“Primordia has one of the most evocative art styles I’ve ever seen — art that tells half the story. It somehow turns a barren wasteland and corroded metal into something very beautiful, and from the very first screenshots, I needed to know how the world got that way,” says Dave Gilbert, founder of Wadjet Eye Games on their collaboration with Wormwood. “Thankfully, the rest of the game is just as intriguing. The guys at Wormwood have put an amazing amount of heart, energy and passion into Primordia and it shows. I feel honored to have this game as part of our catalog.”

The new title had to pass through Valve’s Greenlight system in order to be released on Steam,and thankfully fans of the genre seemed to have appreciated the quality of the title. As a result Primordia made it in the third set of games that were “greenlight” on Steam and was released on the platform on December 5th.

Sound & Vision

In terms of overall style Primordia could easily be mistaken for a game that came out 90’s as it is intentionally outdated.The game brings beautifully designed pixellated backgrounds full of rust and machines reminding you of a dreamy Fallout. There are over fifty hand-drawn rooms to explore, dozens of distinctive characters, competing easily with every AAA hero out there, complex machines to interact with, and gorgeous painted cut scenes to soak.


Wadjet Eye Games seems to know that Character voice acting is an aspect that really counts for an adventure game and they did a very good job by hiring Logan Cunningham of Bastion fame and Abe Goldfar, who voiced Joey Mallone in Blackwell Deception. As the entire world of Primordia is inhabited by robots, so it is also fairly amusing to hear the actors attempting to be robotic, and with the help of some clever sound techniques it comes across as surprisingly realistic. The soundtrack includes two main themes, that deliver a Blade Runner feeling that accompanies the game perfectly.