Ubisoft has announced the start of the open beta test for ShootMania Storm, the online multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Nadeo. The Open Beta gives access to most of the game modes (except Heroes, Royal Exp and Elite Exp), servers and maps but some features remain restricted to players who’ve pre-ordered.

ShootMania Storm is based on TrackMania, Nadeo’s successful arcade racing game. As part of the ManiaPlanet system, ShootMania Storm gamers can create game modes and maps from Shootmania Storm’s extensive toolkit. Ubisoft confirmed that to date more than 15 game modes and, already, more than 20,000 maps have been created by players using ManiaPlanet’s proprietary map editor.

You can download the ShootMania Storm client, create an account without the need of a key, and join the game right away from here.