Naughty Dog today announced that Uncharted 3 multiplayer is now available to play free. Gamers can play competitive multiplayer until level 15 for free, but after that must pay to raise the cap to 25 or remove the level cap altogether. In addition, none of the map packs for Uncharted 3 are included with the free version. These must be purchased separately.

Once you download the Free-to-Play game from the PS Store you can hop online and play for as long as you want, as much as you want, up to Level 15. Upon reaching Level 15, you’re welcome to continue to play as long as you want without paying a penny more. We’ll continue to track your earned experience points as you play, although you won’t be able to unlock or access them. However should you choose to unlock the level cap, we’ll retroactively apply those achievements to your profile and we’ll continue to allow you to build up your profile right from where the Level 15 cap stops you” reads Naughty Dog’s announcement.

Alongside the new free-to-play option, Naughty Dog and Sony today are releasing the Game of the Year digital edition of the full game, which can be yours for $39.99. This new downloadable version of the game includes all of the multiplayer DLC along with the single-player campaign.