While part of Spiders Studio’s team puts the finishing touches on Mars War Logs, releasing soon on digital distribution platforms,they along with publisher Focus Home Interactive have today unveiled that they are developing their biggest project to date titled Bound by Flame, an action RPG starring a mercenary possessed by a flame demon.

As a victim of this demonic influence, gamers will have to choose between the powers offered by this evil or to reject the demonic influence, developing heroic talents instead. However as dangers and enemies become more complex while you progress in the game the will to acquire more power by giving up part of the hero’s soul to the demon will be increased. Progression of the demonic influence will be reflected by the transformation of the hero’s body.

Depending on the choices made by the player and the influence of the demon, some chapters of Bound by Flame will offer different scenarios and a different experience, adding important replayability to the game.

Bound by Flame by is targeted for release on PC, PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360® at the end of 2013.