With more and more games coming out for the Playstation 4, you may sometimes notice that, when playing a game or watching a video / cut-scene the image on your TV will stutter. It looks like it cannot handle the video or image on-screen for some reason and therefor it will begin to stutter every couple of seconds. This could happen in a game like Assassins Creed Unity / Syndicate, where lots of movement is happening.

After doing a bit of investigation we find out that sometimes a memory leak or problem with the HDMI output can occur and cause issues like this on your Playstation console. Thankfully there is an easy way to fix this:

  • Press and Hold your PS button on the controller, close all apps and go to Power
  • Here, choose Power off (not restart)
  • Wait a few seconds (around 20-30)
  • Power back on your Playstation 4

This ‘should’ fix the stutter issues and hopefully bring you back to smooth gameplay 🙂

Ps. Also make sure you Disable Motionflow in your TV’s settings as that will not help while gaming 🙂