Cyanide today officially unveiled Dogs of War Online a free-to-play multiplayer game based on the universe of Confrontation and also released the first images of the game that give us a glimpse of a Confrontation between the Lion and Wolfen two of the three armies thast will be available at launch. Lion are better known for their greed and deceit; and Wolfen are dangerous predators who consider every stranger their prey. Ram, is the third army composed of undead minions.


Dogs of War OnlineĀ is a turn-based, tactical arena game with gameplay heavily influenced by the eponymous board game published by Rackham. Players are tasked with creating a squad of mercenaries made up of units of their choosing, and must send them to fight in fierce battles against other players. Movement and contact are based on a system of hexagonal boxes. In order to succeed the player must demonstrate leadership qualities and cope with frequent unexpected events related to the life of a mercenary company: desertion, tension between soldiers, and theft, among other problems.

Dogs of War Online will be released for PC in Q2 2013.