Between The City and The Needle is a conversation simulation game where the fate of each character you encounter is placed in your hands. The world you live in is confronted with the realisation that a large number of its population are not human, but an unknown species mimicking human form.

You are a newly recruited employee of Honest Minds, a facility-based cover operation established by the government unit responsible for erradicting the threat and concealing it from the public.

Your job will bring you face to face with suspected imposters. Posing as a psychologist, you must question their identities and ultimately use your intuition to decide what becomes of each one. Will you deem them a convincing member of the human race or a pretender living behind a facade?

Watch the new teaser for Nightmarea Games’ first independent title, Between The City and The Needle. The teaser operates as a sneak peek into the game as well as providing context to the world in which it is set.

In-game screenshots are to be revealed in the summer, an official trailer later in the year, and then a playable demo alongside the launch of our crowdfunding campaign.

More information about the game may be found on the website of Nightmarea Games.