The two man team at LandFall games has been doing a lot of tuning in the workshop and the acrobatic dogfighter game Air Brawl is soon ready to open its hangars to leave Early Access and go full throttle into release! On November the 5th the brawl starts for real and you are all invited to join.

Ever wondered what’d happen if Top Gun took place on a scrapheap? Nor have we, but we’d Imagine it’d be something like Air Brawl. Air Brawl is a fast paced aerial shooter filled with weird weapons, insane levels and butt tight controls! Hurry to the skies and try out one of the many vastly different airplanes available to you!

Get in the cockpit and face off against your friends, smash planes with a close range hammer, support your team with heals and disables, or fight it out with a machinegun in a more traditional fashion. In whatever way you like getting bogeys out of the air, Air Brawl has a weapon.

Critics have compared it to classics like Mario Kart and Team Fortress in the skies , have again and again praised its tight controls and commended it for filling the abandoned hole in our hearts for quick flight games. But why let them have all the fun? join the Brawl and experience flying like never before!

For more information visit the Steam page over here.