Days of War lowers pricing, increases rewards, announces stretch goals, and shows new gameplay, in a new Kickstarter Campaign with the goal of releasing on Steam Early Access in August. Driven Arts, the studio behind Days of War, thinks the WWII revival goes far beyond next generation visuals:

  • Control back to the players.  Dedicated servers and admin tools, console access, definable rulesets.  These are all the things we used to have but don’t anymore.  Hopping into a quick matchmaking session is always fun, but even better are micro-communities built around dedicated servers.  Many old games still have vibrant (though small) player communities for this reason.
  • Accessible but deep.  Let’s face it.  Most of the people who grew up playing CoD 1/2, DoD, Wolfenstein ET, and MOHAA, are older now.  They dont have time to grind through unlocks, they just want something they can sit down and play for 30 mins after they put their kids to bed.  Those older games had a certain simplicity to them that likens them more to a sport than todays shooters, which is why people still play them after all these years.
  • Indie through and through – We aren’t trying to convert Black Ops players to WII, we’re trying to serve the underserved communities, even if it means fewer dollars in our pockets, because we are starting to tire of playing games that are 10 years old even though they are more fun than what we have today.
  • Custom mapping – This was a crucial part of older shooters.  George Rivara, Lead Developer says, “I love to build, and I think this is trait many other people share, but the programming skills required present a massive barrier.  It’s our job to make it easier for them to create.  I want to let every player unleash whatever it is inside them that makes messing around in minecraft or playing with legos so gratifying.”

in 2016 Days of War will join the first batch of shooters built on Unreal Engine 4, releasing on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
You can find the Kickstarter project over here.

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