Now Escape!, the newest mobile arcade game from the Warsaw-based Cherrypick Games studio, brings a neon-filled dance party to the players’ iOS and Android devices. With easy to grasp, yet tricky gameplay, minimalistic eye-candy visuals, and the rhythmic pulse of the music produced by the one and only DJ Lucky Charmz, Now Escape! is Cherrypick Games’ yet another venture into the universe of brilliant bite-size free to play fun on the mobile.

The premise is simple – player drags a shape around the screen to avoid obstacles. But in the music-filled world of neon and pulsing rhythm the traps can surprisingly transform right before the beholders eyes. The only way to succeed is to stay focused and use your reflexes… Now Escape! Cherrypick Games invite you to discover the discreet charm of minimalistic graphics raving to the sound of DJ Lucky Charm’s mesmerising music.

Now Escape! will be available FREE on iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store on Thursday, April 28th, 2016.