Arcen Games, the developer behind AI War: Fleet Command, and A Valley Without Wind, has just revealed their next project titled Exodus Of The Machine, a new strategic journey that takes place in the universe of the cult classic AI War: Fleet Command.

“Exodus combines Arcen’s love of all things strategic within a framework reminiscent of our old favorite Oregon Trail.” the developer has stated. “This is a title we’ve been quietly working on.  It’s “coming soon,” which is a vague way of saying that it will be in 2013 but that we don’t want to commit to a date yet.”

What has been revealed for the time being is that in the game your goal will be to lead a team trapped on a hostile planet and desperately pursuing a threat which could destroy humanity outright. But it won’t be an easy task as vicious predators, clashing armies, and political intrigue stand in your way. You’ll have modern powerful weapons to use against them but as the ammunition will be limited you have to use your diplomacy as well.