German-based MMO games publisher, EuroGameZ GmbH has announced that the Granado Espada Europe new episode “Symphonia 1 & 2” will be serviced at middle of July 2016 next month and have also released the Teaser site with a new trailer video.

The new Episode “Symphonia 1” starts with the story that Leona, the deputy of queen is supposed to fight with Stratavista and heard about the situation of her homeland ‘Illier’ running drastically. Symphonia 1 will show the new character “Amy Schauzen” and the new field “Bethel Great Plains”.

Symphonia 2 starts with the story that in the mean time of solving the conflict between Evora and Patrikion, Leona wanted to see lastly the Vernier Mansion but found blood-strained fighting “Dietrich”. Symphonia 2 will reveal the new character “Dietrich Herberth” and the new field “Vernier Great Mansion”

New missions and raid monsters and many of new quests will be opened and European gamers can enjoy the fresh new contents of Granado Espada at middle of next month.