After quite some time the GameConnect team has just released a new update for Nuclear Dawn. This update primarily fixes a bunch of outstanding bugs and fixes some security issues. The update is optional for servers, but is highly recommended though!

After the shutdown of InterWave studios back in 2013, part of the original team is still working on projects as part of GameConnect. We hope you enjoy these small updates.

The update notes for 7.2 are below:

  • Greatly improved Assault class’s thermal vision interaction with Weapon Suppression gizmo on Assault Rifle.
  • Fixed structure damage being miscalculated when being structure is attacked by another structure or at times with grenades/missles/REDs.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when spawning after a round is over
  • Fixed bots being counted in total players required for a surrender or mutiny vote to pass.
  • Fixed a few rare client and server crashes.
  • Decreased memory usage in some areas on both client and server.
  • Switched MOTD panel to use Steam’s HTML rendering rather than directly embedding Chromium, effectively updating it to a much newer and more secure version of the same. (This also fixes some crashes that would occur on Mac and Linux).
  • Added numerous security-related fixes from other variants of the Source engine.

As always the game should automatically update through your Steam client.
Checkout the official Steam page over here for all the ND info you need.

Discussions about the game can be done on the GameConnect forums over here.