Indie adventure game developer Phoenix Online Studios, the team responsible for episodic adventure games The Silver Lining and Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, have announced that they teamed up with Mad Orange to provide full English localization as well as additional programming support for Face Noir, a noir mystery game set in New York City during the Great Depression.

Face Noir follows private eye Jack del Nero as he’s falsely accused of murdering the man who left a little girl in his protection. As Jack tries to figure out who she is and clear his name, the disillusioned detective finds himself up against a city infested with corruption and economic uncertainty. Based on player feedback, this new version has had its user interface updated, pixel hunts eliminated, and some puzzles tweaked.

Face Noir, is now available for $15.99 preorder fromĀ The game will release for PC download on July 18, 2013. The preorder deal includes a 20% discount over the regular $19.99 price and a free MP3 soundtrack.