Mobile game developer Gamelion today officially announced Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth; the highly anticipated sequel to its 10 million-selling smartphone smash hit, Monster Shooter which is set to deliver a massive update to the acclaimed franchise.

“Our players have been crying out for more Monster Shooter action,” says Gamelion producer manager Wojtek Wronowski, “so we’ve spent over 10 months developing a sequel that will delight existing fans while providing a brand new, action-packed experience. We couldn’t be happier with the result, which really brings Monster Shooter to new heights of fun and excitement.”

One of Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth’s major updates is the addition of amazing multiplayer co-operative action. A multitude of manic weaponry is available, including full mech suits, as you tear the city streets apart in frantic combat, epic boss battles and three different game modes.

Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth is scheduled for a summer 2013 release as free download on iOS and Android.