International developer Zepetto, today revealed its unique avatar system destined to make FPS, Project Blackout stand out amongst ordinary free-to-play first person shooters. Project Blackout is the frenetic, fast-paced game that will test gamers’ skills with intense precision shooting and break-neck twitch response times.

Standing out from the crowd, Project Blackout’s Avatar system is a game changer! The unique item parts system will guide players to obtain their own unique characters which will grow loyalty to the game. The growth and development of a player’s character will allow them to experience true RPG elements in a FPS game. Both, combination of skills and parts bonuses, will vary battle tactics allowing players to have their own rules.

With seven different characters and more than 60 part items, avatar’s can be fully customized almost infinitely creating their very own style. Compared to other FPS’s, Project Blackout takes it to the next level with reasonable balance, accurate enemy classification and constant and seasonal content.

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