Matt Gray, composer of the music for C64 mega-hit Last Ninja 2, has now added to this success story with Reformation, the first Commodore 64 music Kickstarter. Having wowed gamers with his tunes for the biggest-selling game on the biggest-selling home computer of all time — and a string of other hits, including Driller, Bangkok Knights and Dominator — Matt then became a key member of dance/pop production team, Xenomania, which produced music for some of the biggest names in pop.

Reformation finds Matt returning to his roots, delivering a stunning collection of new and re-mastered recordings.
Some compositions will even find him working directly with C64 code — quite an experience for someone now more used to hugely powerful hardware!


“Last Ninja 2 was an international smash, selling millions of units, I was amazed to discover some 25 years later a whole global community of C64, SID and Last Ninja 2 fans listening to the original tracks and the many remixes produced by devotees,” says Matt. “Now I’d like to realise these tunes as I meant them to be, without losing the original raw sound that originally attracted fans to them”.

A recent ‘test-release’ remake of “Last Ninja 2- Central Park Loader” racked up 5000 plays on SoundCloud in two days, a feat normally reserved for global artists with major exposure.

Now, with the help of Kickstarter backers, Matt’s bringing Reformation back to the fans and to an even wider audience.

You may find the kickstarter project over here.