The new “This is EVE” (2014) trailer for EVE Online just went live on YouTube. It turns out “What is EVE Online?” is a difficult question to answer. Capturing the raw essence of a game as open-ended and meaningful as EVE Online, the varied experiences and ambitions of its players, and what it “feels like” to play is no easy task.

This past September the team issued a game-wide call to collect the EVE Online player community’s most memorable moments from in-game voice communication. Voice communication is an integral part of the fabric of the game and its history, from fleets to diplomacy to just hanging out.

The players responded overwhelmingly, and from their audio submissions CCP’s award-winning cinematics team created a trailer to portray the visceral gameplay experiences and real emotions of the recordings. This trailer concentrates less on EVE itself and more on the people who have made it live and breathe since 2003—the players.

There are 11+ years into a gaming universe Killscreen Daily called “the game that science fiction warned us about,” and now is the perfect time to focus on those who create the game itself every day by battling, building, and being with each other.

Moments ago they debuted the trailer for hundreds of players at EVE Down Under in Sydney, one of many EVE player-gatherings held each year. It only seemed fitting members of our community should get the first glimpse.

EVE’s next release, Rhea, will debut on December 9th. A developer blog revealing some of Rhea’s striking new features can be found here.