Indie developer Imminent Games have announced that the PC version of their casual 2D gane with RTS inspired point and click controls, Drip Drip will be released date of August 14th.

Drip Drip is a game that features beautiful hand drawn cartoon style visuals and brings a very original concept. The game takes the player in the role of an elite drip collector who has to use a wide range of tools and his water collecting and building fixing skills  in order to prevent buildings in the USA that were hit by a severe storm from collapsing.

The player will travel across the USA and visit 24  cities on their mission to ensure the safety of each building ranging from small houses to towering skyscrapers. The water dumped out of windows earns the player money so other containers and tools can be bought to keep the buildings standing while they withstand a constant barrage of pouring rain and unexpected threats like the UFO, Ghost, Witch Doctor, and Lightning Bolts during each storm cycle.

Drip Drip will retail for $9.99 on the Imminent Games website. The game is also developed for Mac, and iOS: iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.