MicroVolts the Massive Multiplayer Online third person shooter cartoon-style video game developed by Korean based SK iMedia, is now available on Steam, publisher Rock Hippo has just announced.

In MicroVolts toy figures around the planet are engaged in all out war for valuable battery resources and supremacy of the MicroWorld. Players get to choose out of 4 characters, each with endless customization options, and have full access to 7 different types of weapons, which they can swap on the fly during a match. Microvolts features over 12 different maps, each with a very different theme, layout and size, and 10 different game modes including a single-player survival mode.

Rock Hippo also revealed that until July 12th you can get the MicroVolts starter pack for $7.99 / £5.59 / €7.99 (20% off). The pack includes the Advanced Pepper Rifle, 500 Energy Charges, and 7 days access to the Bomb Keyring and Multi-Vitamin bonuses.

Those interested can enter the Steam version of Micovolts from here. All new players will receive a free Y-U-No Rage Face mask.