Indie developers Xavi Canal, Ben Palgi have just announced that their city-building/RPG, Towns which was submitted to Steam via Valve’s Greenlight service, is now available for download o your PC.

In Towns you lead a small settlement, housed near a dungeon, to glory. You start off with a small group of settlers and you must set up camp, acquiring resources by chopping down wood and building buildings, much like other real time strategy games. The twist is that you don’t have control over what the citizens do, you give basic build orders and they will try to accommodate their time to your needs. Once you get a basic hang of the game-play, you can start digging deeper into the earth, mining ore and uncovering treasures and dungeons. If you aren’t careful you might dig too far down too quickly and open yourself up to some very nasty creatures.

You can purchase Towns for the discounted price of 9,59€ until November 14th from here.