Electronic Arts has a release date for Real Racing 3, the latest installment in its popular racing franchise which was created by Firemonkeys Studio, the merger of Firemint studios and Iron Monkey studios. The game is scheduled for release on February 28 and will be offered for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets for free.

“Today we announced Real Racing 3 will be free. And yes, Real Racing 3 was designed from the ground up to be a free to play experience. We are so excited about this game and wanted it to be accessible to everyone so we didn’t want there to be any barriers to entry. This accessibility is also what drives the awesome new Time Shifted Multiplayer feature, in that you can play competitive multiplayer with anyone any time, and they don’t need to be online with you at the same time”, Firemonkeys wrote on their forum.

At launch Real Racing 3 will feature 46 licensed vehicles covering 3 classes, a 22 car grid, real world tracks, 8 varied event types and 900+ events, while Firemonkeys plans to continue to add more free and exciting content with every update.