As you all might know we have dedicated gameservers up and running on our European based datacenter for Counter-Strike: GO and Nuclear Dawn. Today we have updated both our CS:GO servers and enhanced them with a new Steam Workshop maplist and added back an end of mapvote!

This maplist includes maps that we want to play on our servers with CS:GO and includes both standard Valve maps plus some very cool custom maps like Compound, Seaside, Elysium and Siege. And don’t forget, more to come over time as we are always working on finding more maps to add to the list.

Siege   Seaside   Elysium
Everyone that connects to our gameservers will automatically get the custom maps if they don’t have it yet, but what you can best do to speed things up is to go to our Steam Workshop maplist and Favorite it, Rate it and Subscribe to all maps so you already have all of them in your local CS:GO list.

Ofcourse we are always open for more custom map suggestions that you want to play on our servers, so feel free to comment on the Workshop page!

Looking for our CS:GO server ip’s? Click here to find out now or checkout below:

Dedicated CS:GO Servers (with gameME ranking):

CS:GO #1 EU:
CS:GO #2 EU:

Go and join us today and let’s game on!