What kind of indie casual game could break through Steam Greenlight? A bubble shooter with stellar graphics, a full upgrade system, and unique 3D game play that launches the classic Bust-A-Move format to a whole other galaxy.

Intergalactic Bubbles lets players bounce, bobble, swing, and explode their way across the universe. A full physics simulator allows for banked shots, swinging obstacles, and cascades of explosions that turn the classic match-3 genre into an immersive and addictive gaming experience. Using upgrades, players can customize game play to suit their style, and can stack powers to create massive zone-clearing combos.

The game is designed with each platform in mind. On PC, Mac, and Linux, players can use keyboard and mouse to land boast-worthy trick shots. On mobile, smooth touch-based interactions send bubbles exactly where the player wants them to go.

For Developer Kep Amun, the game has a personal element as well:

“My wife wanted a bubble shooter, so I tried to make one, got it working, and the experiment just didn’t end!” – Kep Amun, Developer

Kep escaped the corporate world and founded Hellscape Games, an independent game development studio, in 2013 in Ferndale, Michigan. After creating  14 prototype games in as many months, he is now debuting his first major release.
Intergalactic Bubbles was released on May 29, 2015, for download on  Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux; and on  Google Play. It will also be released onto the iTunes App Store very soon.