The Spring Sun Bundle from Indie Royale, a package that features five creatively diverse games to confound and delight are all available with a clutch of soundtrack bonus items and can now be purchased at the current mininum of 3.43€ . The games included in the bundle are Knytt Underground, The Real Texas, Monday Night Combat, Satazius and Gentrieve 2.

Knytt Underground is an expansive platforming game featuring over 1,800 dim-lit rooms each with its own tightly-wound puzzle to solve, The Real Texas is a mash up of Zelda: Link to the Past and Ultima VI, Monday Night Combat is a class-based action game that pits two teams of combatants against one another in the “most lethal sport of the future”, Satazius is a handsome side-scrolling shooter, and last but not least Gentrieve 2 is a Metroid Prime-inspired FPS with procedurally generated worlds, puzzles and foes.

Those who pay $8,00 or their currency equivalent during the The Spring Sun Bundle will receive Adventures in Pixels by Ben Landis – Adventures in Pixels, an album/comic hybrid from composer Ben Landis. Each comic page is embedded as album art for a particular track and the visuals tell a story reminiscent of the classic gaming era, accompanied by a nostalgic 8-bit chiptune soundtrack.