Indie game developer and publisher Mana Games is proud to announce their latest game, The Fall Of The Dungeon Guardians, an exciting PC-RPG dungeon crawler presented in first-person view, featuring a modern combat-system based on the ‘triptych tank/damage dealer/healer’ gameplay mechanism, due to release by end of October.

Inspired by classics such as Dungeon Master and Might & Magic, The Fall Of The Dungeon Guardians challenges you to enter and explore a massive dungeon full of challenges and mystery to recapture 15 escaped prison convicts. They are armed. They are dangerous. Will you be able to catch them ? Your task will require you to fight your way through hordes of deadly enemies and powerful creatures, and to explore intricate corridors, underground palaces and evil crypts. As prison guard, you are responsible for bringing them back, but watch out for the tricky puzzles, lethal traps and hidden passages leading to unknown places…

The Fall Of The Dungeon Guardians offers grid-based movement and more than 30 hours of gameplay. An active-pause feature allows combat to be tactical and thrilling. Your party of 4 guardians comes with a set of spells and abilities, with new ones appearing over the course of the adventure. Reaching new levels allow for new powers and reinforcement of abilities. Your party may consist of warriors, healers, mages and rogues, each offering 3 specializations. Gather loot such as armor, weapons, mystical and magical items, and use them wisely on your quest.

The Fall Of The Dungeon Guardians is currently making its way to Steam through Greenlight.