An update for Nuclear Dawn has been released. It is required for dedicated servers.

This update includes upstream Source Engine improvements, including the following:

  • Various security and stability improvements.
  • Fixed physics not operating at the correct tickrate when specifying non-standard -tickrate options on the command line.
  • Lag compensation system will now reliably restore pose parameters responsible for animation layering. (This makes server-side hitboxes for lag compensated players better match client-side rendered models).

The previous update from April included the following changes:

  • Fixed hangs in local servers (including tutorial missions and offline play), as well as Windows dedicated servers, due to old statistics server being taken offline.
  • Fixed structure placement sometimes being possible in areas that were not empty.
  • Fixed backup assemblers being able to be built in “Lost Signal” areas.
  • Improved performance of idle turrets.
  • Ported in various upstream Source Engine security fixes.
  • Bot kills now grant normal XP if at least eight humans are in the server.

More information about the game can be found on our Nuclear Dawn pages.